Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I've got a fresh month to start up strong once again on the blog posting! Here's to the short month of February.  May it be full of sun, fun, no stress and healthy activities...

Reading: The All Girl's Filling Station's Last Reunion by Fannie Flagg.  I picked it up at the library the other week with Isla when they didn't have the book I wanted because it looked fun and featured a slightly eccentric woman from Alabama.. one of my book downfalls. ;)

Loving: playing games with my kiddo, sharing books, and working out with her.  She's been quite the fun playmate lately and I really love watching her grow into the little person she is becoming. Also, this Benfield Heathered Drape Front Cardigan from my last Stitch Fix, bad picture but AWESOME cardigan.

And, my brand new flooring! Still need to do some painting and finish up the edges near the carpet and doorways...

Thinking: That summer vacation is so close but so far away...

Frustrated: with work.

Feeling: a lot more focused than I was before I started the mileaday challenge.  I need some sweat time.

Anticipating: Our quick family trip over spring break down to Saugatuck.  Can't wait to check out their brewery.  Also, all of our summer camping adventures we are plotting.

Watching: Revenge.  Every time I think I may be over it and let a bunch of episodes pile up I get hooked again!

Sad: I miss my grandma.  I started crying Thursday on my way to pick up Isla because I really wanted to call her.

Grateful: For my parents

Listening: Blake Shelton or Today's Top Country on Pandora.  Blake's CD was free on google play on Saturday so I got it.  (First time using google play too ha)

Wishing: I lived on the ocean.

What are you reading, watching or wishing?

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