Monday, January 12, 2015

Weekly Meal Plan

Since I have yet to order my 2015 calendar even though I have a 9 dollar groupon (yikes, January is half over!) I have yet to start my monthly meal plan.  Plus, I got out of habit at the end of December and I need routine or all hell breaks lose.  So I've been doing weekly meal plans and thankfully I have built back up our pantry supplies and our freezer so it makes it easier!

Sunday - Cashew Chicken in the crock pot, served with/ rice leftover from a meal last week and green beans

This was awesome!  I found a paleo recipe for it and then adjusted it just a tad based on what we had available and what would make sense to pick up at the store for the future!

Monday - Salsa Verde Chicken tacos, served with guacamole and corn

Tuesday - Spaghetti, broccoli and a salad

Wednesday -Scalloped Potatoes and ham served with a salad

Thursday - Eggs, bacon, toast and an apple

Friday - out

Saturday - either at my parents or out because we are having work done on our ceiling in our living room/dining room/kitchen soooo

What is on your meal plan this week?  I intentionally tried to incorporate more vegetables in our dinners this week.  My breakfasts will be either half a bagel w/ orange or apple or oatmeal with pb.  Lunches will be salads and orange or apple or hard boiled egg with fruit and veggies.  I may take a can of chicken noodle soup one day.

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