Friday, January 9, 2015

#mileaday for January

Amber, and my new fitbit motivated me to take on a #mileaday challenge for January.  I had a physical in December and sad to say, work stress is making not so good things happen with parts of my health.  And my own doing of course but a lot I blame on work.  So, I am determined to do anything I can to fix that.  So I figured my first step is to use my fitbit, make sure i'm aiming for 10,000 steps a day AT LEAST and do at least one mile per day.  I know I need to start slow because I know me and I know how many times I've fizzled when I've attempted to make working out a normal occurrence in my life. Nine days into January and I feel like I'm rocking it.

Isla joins me every night and we go downstairs.  I go on the treadmill and she uses my step or exercises ball or dances or plays.  Her newest thing is making her dad come with us.  So we are all working out as a family.  Watching her do her crunches is hysterical!!

Here is my current status... 

Thursday, Jan 1st 
1.1 miles
10 crunches

Friday, January 2nd
1.1 miles
12 crunches

Saturday, January 3rd
1.2 miles
14 crunches

Sunday, January 4th
1.3 miles
16 crunches

Monday, January 5th
1.37 miles
18 crunches

Tuesday, January 6th
1.51 miles
20 crunches

Wednesday, January 7th
2.1 miles
22 crunches

Thursday, January 8th
1.5 miles
24 crunches

I've also made over 10,000 steps every week day so far.  I am now knowing WHY my feet kill at the end of the day.  Essh.  I am going to need to get new running shoes soon!

So yeah, I've only done the treadmill part but slow and steady.  I am determined and I want to run a mile straight with out stopping.  I've been using intervals and I've even gotten better at those as the week goes on.  My mile time has definitely improved! In February, I am going to try to work in one workout class a week and do another challenge.  I'm debating between two different 28 day challenges I've found and incorporating some treadmill time in there too.  

Do you have any goals for January? Have you been running inside or outside? Do you own a treadmill? Do you do any treadmill workouts to change things up?

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