Friday, July 19, 2013

The Killing Hour

Funny, as I was going to bed reading this my husband was like, that's GREAT pre-bed reading, you are so going to have nightmares.  I was worried he was right, but thankfully I only had one night of weird dreams that weren't too scary.  It's funny that I spend much of my summer reading these types of books, but I get hooked! Probably why I watch Law & Order all the time or any other cop/court show!

Description: Each time he struck, he took two victims. Day after day, he waited for the first body to be discovered--a body containing all the clues the investigators needed to find the second victim, who waited...prey to a slow but certain death. The clock ticked--salvation was possible.

The police were never in time.

Years have passed; but for this killer, time has stood still. As a heat wave of epic proportions descends, the game begins again. Two girls have disappeared...and the clock is ticking.

Rookie FBI agent Kimberly Quincy knows the killer’s deadline can be met. But she’ll have to break some rules to beat an exactingly vicious criminal at a game he’s had time to perfect.

For the Killing Hour has arrived....

I guessed who did it as soon as they introduced the character because of the description.  Small clue but I figured it out and then it was made pretty obvious.  But that's okay, I like to see how soon I can guess who did it and if I'm right.  I only don't like it when I'm wrong because of some ridiculous jump in plot an author does!  I can totally see myself liking Lisa Gardner more and more each time I read a book she's read.  Her first few were kinda rough, but I've noticed that a lot with new authors when I read a lot by them that some of their stuff in the beginning was not so great and then they got a winner and it went up from there. ;)

What author do you find yourself going back to read more and more of?

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