Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A few of my favorite links...

It's been awhile since I've shared some of my favorite blog posts and a few of them I really enjoyed recently, so I'd thought I'd share, because sharing is caring! ;)

Planning a trip to Colonial Williamsburg? Check out Kath's first installment of what looks like a really fun weekend! It is now on a list of places I want to see!

I must be in a traveling mood because I also loved the photo recaps from Emily's trip to Lake Michigan.  Lake Michigan is one of MY FAVORITE things about my state.  Northern Michigan on the Lake Michigan side is just GORGEOUS.  Sunsets with a bottle of wine on Lake Michigan shoreline need to happen soon.

Then during a mid-afternoon perusal of the interwebs I came across another informative post by Kath about healthy snacking.  All stuff I know but helpful to read again when it's the middle the afternoon and I want to eat ALL THE FOOD because apparently being home during the summer turns me into a massive snacker.  And I wonder why my kid wants to eat all day.

I've also been hankering (who says hankering? probably people who also use tinkering.  Okay yes that would be me) for good Italian food and wine.  I broke down and made lasagna last week and the very next day Iowa Girl Eats posted this lovely one skillet lasagna recipe.  I'm excited to try this out in the fall when I don't have much time to make dinner but I want some lasagna! YUMMM..

I'm always on the look out for cheap, easy and healthy. The instant oat idea from meals and miles seems like something that I can take with me to school in the fall.  I'm going to be getting there a bit earlier than my normal start time and will need to fuel up there since eating at 6 am does not seem appealing.  I'm more of a roll out of the bed roll out the door, food be damned.  Gah, I must start organizing meal plans soon!

Apple Time had me giggling with the writing and inspired me to share it to see if anyone else had any apple suggestions.

Happy Reading! Anything, you think I need to check out?

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