Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Confessions

Totally stealing this idea from Amber.

...I have been super lazy about showering and shaving.  Which is bad because umm it's hot out.  But omg, I get hotter when I bathe.

...I went three days last week without brushing my hair.  Ponytails? Yes, please!

...I may be drinking more pink lemonade than water.  I mean, it's MADE with water, right?

...I've had ice cream at least once or twice every week since May.

...I've been reading way past my bedtime and when I should be doing things around the house.

...I stopped walking when the humidity made it over 90 outside.  I just can't.

...I also pretty much stopped cooking besides the crock pot when it hit over 90.

...I am not waking my kid up from her epic naps even when they hit like 4 1/2 hours and it means she stays up late.  It also means SHE SLEEPS IN.  And I am so not a morning person.

...I have no desire to do anything besides drink fruity drinks (which is rare for my beer loving self), read books and float in the pool.

Any good confessions? Can you recommend a good fruity wine? What about a good mystery?

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