Monday, February 25, 2013

All Aboard!!!!

The Potty Train that is! BAHAHAHA.

Have no fear, I have no desire to talk to you about my kid's poop, pee or lack thereof.  Nor do I care to show you pictures of her sitting on the toilet attempting her business.  Nor will I share a photo of whatever comes out of her butt.

However, I shall share with you some books about the "potty" that we do enjoy in this house.

And well let me state before going further.  I do not like the word potty.  I use toilet or bathroom, but apparently those in the book business like referring to it as the potty so unfortunately here goes me using the word multiple times and cringing.  Sorry, Kelly! ;)

First up.. our intro into the potty book business..

Potty by Leslie Patricelli

When I got this book it had nothing to do with toilet training.  It had everything to do with my love for Patricelli's hilarious board books.  It's okay.  It leaves a lot of dialogue for good reading parents to add at will so the story makes sense but I kind of like free styling with books because then you can change it up each time and make it more unique to the child.  My daughter loves the extras that I add in.  Good for good or boy.

Potty Time by Caroline Jayne Church

Around December, my kiddo was showing some interest signs in the bathroom yet seemed petrified of sitting on the toilet.  So when ordering my Scholastic order of the month I loaded up on bathroom books.  Potty time has a flush me button that is the high point of this book for us.  It is super short and works for a boy or girl but unless you can get it for $1.00 or free with Scholastic points, I'd just leave it be.  However, the flush me button is fun. 

The Potty Train by Daivd Hochman and Ruth Kennison

Now this is a cute book.  It's about getting ready to use the bathroom and how it is okay if you run off the tracks every now and then and that every one is dfferent and it's just cute.  And come on, you know you want to read, "Chugga chugga pooo pooo!"  You know you do.. This is a favorite in our house.  I may have read it 6 times on Sunday night.  Oh and the little boy is sitting on a big toilet with a toilet seat on it so I make sure to point this out multiple times that he is on a BIIIG toilet.  Probably more geared towards boys, but my girl seems to enjoy it!  And I may like saying, "chugga chugga pooo pooo!"  I got this one from Scholastic as well.

Potty Animals: What to Know When You've Gotta Go by Hope Vestergaard

Okay, this is fucking hysterical.  It's geared towards older kids/adults but it is so freaking funny that by golly if you are potty training you need this book for yourself.   The illustrations and rhyming are brilliant.. here's a sneak peek..

"Though Arnold has outstanding aim to point and kick and throw, he isn't always accurate when it is time to go.  He hits the floor, he hits the lid, he hits te toilet seat.  Not much goes in the toilet bowl, which isn't very neat.  YUCK! Lift the seat, Arnold!"

You know you want more! hahahaha.  I'd say this would be aimed at the late potty trainer, but honestly, you need this book.  It is also from Scholastic.  It's boy or girl friendly.

Everybody Poops - Taro Gomi

Okay, to be honest, I ordered this from Scholastic before I had children and it was purely for myself because poop is funny.  It's laying around with our other toilet books but I haven't showed it specifically to Isla yet, cuz well it's not very appropriate.  But dude, poop is funny!

I am pretty sure these are all the toilet books we own in the house.  But, if you have any suggestions I am all open.  I do hope I can lighten the mood in your house!

Does poop/toilet humor make you laugh?

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