Sunday, January 13, 2013

February Group Read Suggestions

Welp, December was a fail in that I forgot completely about picking a book for January's Group Read and had to do an SOS on Twitter.  Whoops.  So, I made a note to make sure I made the post this month.  I also meant to write a post about how it was nice to keep the group read going but then, it kind of got lost like the other post and then it was January and now it is almost half-way through January.  I kind of need buzzers going off to remind me of things constantly.

So to end my litany of excuses, here is what we have already read...

Those Who Save Us
We Are All Welcome Here
Gone Girl
Prisoner of Tehran
The Wednesday Sisters
Looking for Alaska
Cutting for Stone
One Summer
The Year of Fog
Winter Garden
The Violets of March
State of Wonder
The Invisible Bridge
The Postmistress
The Scent of Rain and Lightning
Still Missing
The Sandalwood Tree
Major Pettigrew's Last Stand
Something Borrowed
The Blue Orchard
Sammy's Hill
In the Woods
Shanghai Girls
The Weight of Water
Water for Elephants
The Color Purple
The One That I Want
The Secret Garden
House Rules
American Wife
Firefly Lane
The Reader
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
The Awakening
Pride & Prejudice
I See You Everywhere

I would not mind revisiting an author we enjoyed before like, Jodi Picoult, Allison Winn Scotch, Lisa See, Chevy Stevens, Sarah Jio, Meg Waite Clayton, Gillian Flynn etc...

What would you like to read in February? Suggestions open until January 17th and then I will add a poll to the sidebar! 

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