Monday, September 14, 2009

Not a happy Buckeye...

these are alllll out of order but enjoy and go bucks!
our view.. you'd think season tickets for 40 years you'd get closer haha..

awww...... too bad the hub's shirt ruins it :P

one of my favorite signs at GameDay

me at GameDay

will ferrell was there
our tailgate

the ugly trojan gear on Corso but the very cute Herbstreit kiddo!

one of the many hilarious signs at GameDay.. my other faves 1. These aren't the only Trojans getting pounded tonight (with condom wrappers all over it) 2. Helen Keller is Lou Holtz's translator 3. Matt Barkley and Mark May like fish sticks in their mouths (South Park reference anyone??) 4. Matt Barkley is the Bonus Jonas (this cracked me up haha) 5. Free Clarett Take Blount (hilarious) 6. Go Buck Yourself Mark May

the front of the 'shoe

yes, my husband likes the rival of my fave team and YES he wore their shirt in after the won.. yes I did call him bad names and the reason I am not looking at the camera -- he has a flip cam and I always look at the wrong part

the hub and i at the tailgate...


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Cute pics!! I have never been to a big stadium like that! Looks like you had fun!!

Anais said...

Super cute pictures!! Can't believe Will Ferrell was there!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe he wore the Michigan shirt to the game!!! I think I could use a whole row of explanation points, but I won't. I can only hope that this game will make us better. Thanks for sharing your pics. Go Bucks :)

Marie Cloutier said...

Great pictures. That game looks like a lot of fun.

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I have a Ohio Buckeyes T-shirt that I wear all the time. See, I am obsessed with long sleeved t-shirts and once when I was the Columbus airport waiting for my flight I was freezing cold and needed something warm to wear... now I wear it all the time around the house. :)