Thursday, September 24, 2009

My School's A Zoo!

The day after the field trip to the zoo, some monkey business is going on at school! It starts with his parents acting funny, his bus driver is a gorilla and is his substitute teacher a BEAR?? Not feeling well? WATCH OUT the fangs on the nurse may make you feel worse!! Imagination has gone wild in this awesomely illustrated story about a school that is filled with pythons, tigers, bears, bats and bookworms to name a few.

It has lots of rhymes and the kids find it hysterical. We talked about our favorite parts, our favorite animals and what we thought might happen next. I have read this book to many different groups of kindergarteners, preschoolers and DK'ers and all of them like it in all different types of schools. Must have for a substitute who doesn't know where they are going to be that day! I'd definitely recommend it for ages 4-8! Written by Stu Smith and illustrated by David Catrow!

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Anais said...

LOL adorable :) I always judge books by their covers and this one looks adorable :D