Thursday, August 12, 2021


 I’ve read two books recently that inspired me to write.  I’m not sure if what I want to write is just yada yada blog posts or something more.  But I do know, if that I never actually sit down and write anything, the urge will eventually pass but the tingle of what should I have done won’t.  So here I am.  Maybe this turns out more of a free write and maybe it becomes focused.  But for now, definitely free write and we will see where it goes.

I read Learning to Speak Southern and the main character kept focusing on word meanings and how they transform and what we say now and what do we really mean.  She taught people in other countries English as a Second Language.  During the course of the book she finds out her mother, who never nurtured her or really mothered her, had once been in love with someone not her father and had been a great writer.  Never did she know her mother’s dream of being a writer.  Because her mother gave it up after the disastrous encounter with the man.  She never wrote again.  She never was herself again either.  When you hide parts of yourself, you are not okay.   You can shove it down, you can fake it, but you are never ever okay.

I also read Fire Keeper’s Daughter by Angeline Boulley, and man I lived in that world for awhile.  2004 Ste. Sault Marie.  It’s beautiful.  It’s marketed as YA, but beyond the main character being nineteen and making nineteen year old decisions, it’s a book I’d recommend to adults and not even bother telling them it’s YA.  She is a beautiful writer.  I love when you just live in the book and you go to bed thinking about it, dream it during the night, and wake up wanting more, and never really wanting it to be done.

This is why I love series.  Even series that end up not so good.  You always have those characters to revisit.

Do you ever finish a book and are inspired to write but you have no idea what you would even write?

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