Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Author's I'd like to Meet

Today I decided to link up with That Artsy Reader Girl  and participate in her Top Ten Tuesday.  This week's theme is 10 Author's I'd like to Meet. 

1.  Allison Winn Scotch - Number 1 reason I picked her is because of Twitter.  I feel like we are political bffs and I do enjoy her books.  I need to read more of them.  I have so many on my kindle and just haven't read them yet because I rarely read on my kindle!

2. Shannon Hale - Also, love her on twitter.  And I adore her Princess in Black Series.  I have the first book of the Princess Academy series to check out from the library.

3. Laura Lippman - Also love her on twitter.  Also, love her Tess Monaghan series!  I hear there is a new one coming out!  I'm psyched!

4. Jewell Parker Rhodes - I first heard her lovely lyrical voice on a podcast and since they I have almost read all of her books.  I would love to hear her speak in person!

5. Margaret Atwood - I've read and enjoyed and been confused by many an Atwood.  I really would like listening to her speak!

6. Sarah Maclean - Love her on twitter as well.  And she's pretty much the only romance author I've read and enjoyed in the last decade.

7. Alyssa Mastromonaco - Love her on twitter and love all her podcast appearances.  She cracks me up.

8. Alan Gratz - Loved his book Refugee and I really need to read the rest of his books!

9. Sarah Dessen - Love her on twitter and have always enjoyed her books when I check them out.  I have to catch up on some.  Can't wait for the kiddo to be old enough to read her books.

10. John Green - LOVE his books too.  Would love to hear him speak.

As I quickly just started thinking of authors and jotting down their names I first noticed that the majority of my people are women and second that most of them are on here because of their social media presences and not necessarily because they are zomg my favorite authors.  They are human beings that I'm interested in!

How awesome is social media that we can communicate with our favorite authors?? I have had the pleasure of tweeting at them and having many respond.  Also, don't be the idiot who tweets an author to tell them you hate the book!

Also.. also... coming up with 10 authors who are still alive was kind of hard.  However, I wouldn't turn down many authors if they happened to be nearby! :)

Who are some authors you would love to meet? What authors have you heard speak/met? Do you like following authors on social media?

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