Friday, October 5, 2018


Welp, Fall is here.  The fall I don't like.  The rainy, cold part of Fall.  I would rate Fall as my second favorite season if it didn't lead right Winter.  So by default Spring is my second favorite season because it leads into Summer.  This week was full of workouts, volunteering, and cleaning/organizing.  I signed the 7 year old up for swim lessons for the next round since she's enjoying them right now and I do like to have her practice actual strokes and to have a 'sport.'  I'm slowly finding spots for our Spring Break road trip.  We will be hitting up multiple states Missouri, Tennessee, and Alabama .  And all the spots in-between.  I think as of today we officially have all our our hotels/Airbnb's reserved.  I need to spend some more time on the nitty gritty planning like what to take with us food and clothes wise since we will be experiencing multiple different types of weather!  I love it!

My favorite picture from the week:

trees are changing!

The high of my week was volunteering for AR prizes and in the kiddo's classroom! I may not be a fan of AR overall, but man do the kiddos at her school (along with my kiddo) get super excited for prizes.  It's not a part of her grade and not mandatory just used as a supplemental fun program.  It has increased the amount of reading and encouraged my kiddo to take the quizes online which is giving her practice in using the computer for non-fun games too.

The low of my week was  all the dang rain.  I had to turn my heat on Monday.  I would have turned it on over the weekend but we (my husband) made a ton of marinara sauce from our tomatoes in our yard and kept the house warm with that.  Then we had my parents over for a roasted turkey breast dinner on Sunday night so the oven kept us comfortable but it was by no means warm! I am constantly under a blanket.

My Workouts were 

Tuesday - Couch to 5k Week 1 Workout 1
Wednesday - 40 minute walk
Thursday - 30 minute walk
Friday - 30 minute walk

I definitely felt it after that run on Tuesday.  That was the first time I ran in over a year.  Close to 2 years.  I am slowly trying to add running into my walking and a bit of a more full body workout too, hence the walk away the pounds videos because I am so uncoordinated and I can follow along with those! My plan for October is 3 days of walking, 1 day of running, 1 day of Walk Away the Pounds videos.  I am trying to do it all Monday through Friday but I'm not sure how that's going to keep up as October is pretty busy.  I'm trying to schedule which workout I'm going to do that day based upon what else is happening, but if I have to do some on the weekends I will.  And I may add a run or walk extra to the weekend depending on weather.

Meal plan for the week was  
Monday - Steak, salad, homemade applesauce, roasted new potatoes and broccoli and cottage cheese
Tuesday -  Baked Pork Chops, Zucchinni Cheese Casserole,  homemade apple sauce
Wednesday - Smoked Sausage, mac and cheese, salad, cottage cheese, homemade applesauce
Thursday -  Eggs, homeade home fries, cottage cheese and apples
Friday -  Pizza Hut pizza and cantaloupe

Saturday we are going to smoke some chicken breasts we have leftover from when some friends brought some over earlier this summer when we had a party.  

The best money I spent was on the kiddos Halloween costume.  Growing up my parents usually made me make my own.  I mean I had a few store costumes but after about age 6 or so I don't think I did.  However, I hate making stuff so, yes child tell me what you want to be and to Amazon I will go!

What I’m listening to   podcasts of course! I really enjoyed Oprah's Super Soul Conversation with New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and Katie Courics podcast with Reddit CEO about fake news and propoganda.  

What I’m watching we record and watched The Late Show with Stephen Colbert every night. But I'm really glad NCIS: New Orleans is back!

What I’m reading:  Southernmost by Silas House.  I just started it but the premise is that an evangelical preacher in Tennsessee takes in two gay men after a flood which partly causes the pastors divorce and pushes him into going to Key West and connecting with his brother...

My plans for the weekend include the kiddo is having a friend spend the night tonight.  Tomorrow we are attempting to go do an old home tour as long as it is not pouring rain since we have to walk through the local gardens to do it.  We may have some friends come over to enjoy the smoked chicken and Sunday we are going to Sam's Club, Hooters, and possibly our local nature center to enjoy a cider making day.  That is also weather dependent cuz the kiddo and I agreed we didn't want to do it in the rain. 

What are you listening to? What are you reading?

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