Wednesday, January 3, 2018

House Plans

I'm participating in Apartment Therapy's January Cure and today's task is to go through the house and find 3-5 big things in each area to attack this year.  I'm using this things that I need to update/organize better too.  Here is my list.

Entry Way
- Empty/clean/organize the closet
- Look into new tile
- Paint if windows/heating gets done

Living Room
- Empty/clean/organize my catch all drawer/cabinet
- Get bins to organize dvds (and/or get rid of them)
- Get bin to organize blanket area

Dining Room
- Clean Walls / add new photos to wall collage
- Get a system for storing homework/mail that doesn't include my kitchen table / possibly a small desk/table
- Look into getting a new overhead light

- Empty/clean/organize gadget cupboards
- Find a new overhead light
- Get new kitchen blinds

Kid's Bedroom
- Organize closet
- Get carpeting
- Paint/if windows/new heating system gets in

Bathroom Upstairs
- Organize Cabinets
- Clean Walls

- Clean closet shelves
- Clean/organize desk
- Go through filing cabinet

My Bedroom
- Clean Out closet
- Get new comforter
- Go Through sheets

Laundry Room
- Donate the donate bin
- Go through closet
- Organize left over items

Downstairs bathroom
- Paint

Bar/Hang out Area
- Organize the toys

Storage Room
- Go through boxes

This seems super overwhelming but I need to get this house under control.  Our new big projects are to get central air and replace the windows.  We also want to get an estimate on an addition for a master bedroom/bath and deck.  Basically, if that's out of our budget/won't be worth it in our neighborhood we may sell.  However, we do need to do the central air and windows.  And carpet in the living room and bedrooms.  And then the entire house needs painted.  After windows are done we will most likely need to get new siding.  So it's a huge mess.  I suggest we just move.  Since we can do none of the things.   I basically need Fixer Upper to come and completely redo my house for me to even like it.  And that's not going to happen.  I'd rather be in a different neighborhood with a house that is all ready.  The end.

What big house projects are on your agenda this year?

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