Monday, October 10, 2016

Last Week's Workouts

I have really been having a hard time (per usual) maintaining a workout program.  A friend and I were discussing the phrase "it's a lifestyle" and umm what if I don't want it to be a lifestyle but more so a chore that I am consistent with? Such as like how often I clear the counters in my house? That I can get behind.  And like working out, cleaning is also an area where I just don't have a schedule that's consistent, nor a house that is always clean.  So, yeah. 

However, whenever I can make a streak I do like to brag so here I am.  ;)

Monday -  33 minutes on the treadmill and then a mix of strength and core.  I'm most successful when I use the treadmill consistently.  It works for me.  But, I also get bored.  Probably because I also can't run forever and day or fast so it's a chore.  I started with a 3 and a half minute walk, jumped off the treadmill did 10 jumping jacks and then got on for another 3 minutes, hopped off and did squats and so on until I hit around 20 minutes.  I should also say I started super slow and then after I hopped of the treadmill I moved up the speed a tenth each time.  I bottom out at 3.8 and then go down to 3.5 and up again and so.  Also at 20 minutes I hopped off to do weights or calf raises every 2 minutes.  My main goal was to at least hit 10,000 steps on my fitbit and try to beat people that I was in fitbit challenges with.  I like competition ha.

Tuesday - Same story.  Did the time on the treadmill and hopped off to do some strength and core activities.  I had made a list of a bunch of them one other time so I just went down the list as I went.  It definitely kept things moving.  My memory is shot but I may have ran some today too. 

Wednesday -  I did 40 minutes and added some running today as well.  I switched every 2 minutes with increasing speed and then when I got to 20 minutes I walked a minute, ran 30 seconds and did that to 25 minutes.  When I got to 30 minutes I walked a minute, ran a minute and did that up to 35 minutes without hopping off to switch.

Thursday - 25 minutes on the treadmill.  This time I started running at 15 minutes and did 1 minute walk, 30 second run up to 20 minutes.  My legs were feeling the 4th day of working out and were super heavy.  So when I reach the steps I desired I cut short at 25 minutes.


Friday - I took a 15 minute walk during my lunch hour.  I found a neighborhood nearby that I can park in that is quiet and easily walkable.  I probably can get up to 30 minutes on a day that I packed a lunch.  Maybe even more just depends on timing!

Saturday - off

Sunday - 30 minute walk , it was beautiful outside so I went for a quick walk

This week I have plans for ore of the same, with increasing my speed and run time.  I made a list of strength/core/leg/butt/lifting moves to do in my hopping off the treadmill time.  But it definitely keeps me entertained.

Did you workout this week? Did you plan ahead or go with the flow?

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