Friday, October 7, 2016

Five Things Friday!

TGIF!!!!!!!!! I wish I had today off with my kiddo.  She and my dad are hitting up the zoo later today and I am jealous that I am stuck in the office.  Adulting is hard!!!

1.       I am so proud of myself! I’ve worked out 4 days this week!!! 4 days after I my kiddo to sleep I went downstairs and worked out! I did some intervals on the treadmill mixed in with strength and core exercises.  Last week I managed to put ON the workout clothes but THIS week I DID IT!!!! Thank you fitbit for the motivation, and Becky’s ridiculous steps to keep me on the treadmill when I wanted to quit but I also wanted to try to beat her.  Ha.  ;)

2.       Devil Food Cake donuts may be the best thing I discovered this week.  See also why I need to work out.  I can’t seem to eat healthy no matter the prepping I do ha.  But OMG these with coffee are the best things right now.
3.       Kindergarten is hard stuff.  My child is a nightmare.  She is so freaking tired and eats like we never feed her.  I know she is getting good food and snacks and I can’t possibly pack her more of a lunch because she has no extra time to eat more food.  But man.  We have severe emotional events on the daily because of lack of sleep or hunger or because I do not know the words to a dang made up song her teacher taught them about the month of October. I AM NOT A MAGICIAN.  Basically, she gets a nap every day that I can get one in her.  YOU GET A NAP. YOU GET A NAP. YOU GET A NAP.  

at least she's cute???

4.       We are planning on going up north to check out M-22’s Tunnel of Trees and I AM SO EXCITED.  We found a groupon for a resort hotel in Bellaire (near Short’s Brewing Company) woot woot and plan on hitting as many wineries as possible.  I am hoping to stop in Fishtown to show Isla the docks and just see the awesome beauty of northern Michigan in autumn! Before I want to curl up and cry for the next who knows how many months that winter will last.


5.       I really need to update stuff in my house.  I have been looking at house listings for houses near me and for houses up north where we hope to eventually by a vacation home and my carpet needs gone NOW.  And I need a new couch and a decision to be made on wall colors.  WHY IS THIS SO HARD??? My carpet and walls has been high priority since JANUARY 2015.  I just cannot commit.   I know I want a brown couch.  And brownish carpet.  Not all brown but a mixture.  I see it in pictures what I want but then I go to stores and just no.  Not what I want.  Then I kind of want to have the kitchen painted a dark color and that to extend to the dining area and that opens directly up to the living room so do I want that to be a light tan or what? Then I randomly like blue walls.  But will blue walls go with the furniture? The furniture that we have that is staying are brown shades.  AHHH.  I wish I could make decisions.  Or that my husband could.  For real some first world problems up in here.

What are your plans for the weekend? Reading anything good?

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