Friday, February 12, 2016


The high of my week was book club! I love getting together once a week for book club and chatting.  We’ve definitely grown since July and we spend more time talking about whatever or random books other than the book we read for book club, and really, that’s fine with us.  It’s just good to get together, chat and relax.  I’m glad I have it in my life!  
A picture from a concert we went to a few weeks ago <3 em="">
The low of my week was being very slow at work.  A whole week of slowness is making me feeling blah and I’ve eating a lot of crap because of boredom.  Whoops.  I’ve been having a lot of anxiety lately and I think being slow at work is actually giving me more anxiety and so many other things but the down time lets me harp on it more so that stinks.

The book I’m reading is I still have a few pages left in Ginny Gall and then I’m really not sure what I am going to read next.  We are reading Wench by Dolen Perkins-Valedez for next month’s book club, which was 1.99 on Kindle!

For my workouts, I completed so far 2 days of run/walk, and then 1 walk.  I am hoping to do a run/walk tonight.  I’ve also got a yoga mat arriving at my house today from Amazon and this weekend I plan on trying to do a beginner Yoga workout and a back ache Yoga.  I have been VERY tight lately and I have a hip issue so I’m hoping if I start very simple with youtube videos my uncoordinated self can accomplish this.  I also made up a circuit training work out that I’m excited to try next week.  Last week I had a set a goal of 10,000 steps M-Th and did that and this week I had a goal of 11,000 steps a day M, T, W, F and after today will have accomplished that.

The best money I spent was a baby gift for a coworker. Such cute things! Or possibly the yoga mat.

My plans this weekend include we are going to the local Children’s Museum with my sister-in-laws and their kids tomorrow.  Sunday we are cooking our own Valentine’s Day dinner and I have President’s Day off and plan on taking Isla to school and meeting a friend possibly for a walk.

What are your plans for this weekend? 

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