Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Podcasts, Books, Miles, and Looks of January

Let's pretend it's not like the middle of February when I'm posting about this, but just know I had the thought many times before now.  Also, totally stealing Lisa's topics. ;)

Podcasts: This month I've been catching up on The Longest Shortest Time, that Kelly introduced me too.  I have so many podcasts that I'm still catching up on. But this is one that I am actively trying to catch up on right now.  It's about stories in parenting and really interesting in the 10 or so episodes I've listened too. 

Books:  I am totally counting the read aloud books I read to my kid this year because it's a commitment and its taking time from my reading so yeah. ;)  My favorite book this  month was probably After the Storm by Linda Castillo.  It's in the Kate Burkholder series.

Pirates Past Noon by Mary Pope Osborne - 3 stars
Defending Jacob by William Landay - 4 stars
Moonlight Over Paris by Jennifer Robison 3 stars
A Hidden Secret by Linda Castillo - 4 stars
After the Storm by Linda Castillo - 4 stars

Miles: I didn't run at all this month as I was trying to heal my feet and they are much much better.  I did do some walking.  I only did 13.096 miles but per my usual when I was on a streak of days I did well and then when I dropped off, I really dropped off.  Whoops.


I wore this to after holiday holiday party.  The dress is from Kohls and the cardigan is from Marshalls. 

I got this top in my last Stitch Fix box and I love it! I've worn it 3 times already.  I got the necklace from my mom from Christmas.  Excuse my kids messy room.  She has the mirror and lighting.

What was your favorite book read in January? What podcast have you been loving?

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