Tuesday, December 22, 2015

What's in my Purse?

I love bags.  I used to carry two with me when I was teaching.  A purse and a bag for my stuff.  Then my friend started selling Initials Inc. and I had changed jobs but I was still carrying two bags.  I really don't need to carry two bags.  So I hosted a party because... BAGS!  Now I have a behemoth sized tote that I carry everywhere.  I wish I would have had this idea yesterday, but then again I do not.  It would have been more embarrassing.  I had more trash ha.  So, this is what is in my purse minus the usual 34234 receipts, my water bottle and my planner.  Since I take those out when I get to work every day.  And on another purse note, I think I need to get a purse organizer.  Or maybe I don't really need to carry my life with me.

I like big bags and I cannot lie... It's huge.  I can fit everything in it.  And I am a disaster in a store trying not to knock people out with it ha!
Inside view of my stuff...
All the stuff out of the bag..  You can tell I have a child and I like to read..

up close of my sunglasses.  so glad I splurged on prescription ones this year!
my nerdy gloves.
I think I have too many crayons in my purse.. And I may need to steal these fruit snacks soon! ;)
And, I love these pictures.  I just upgraded my phone over the weekend to a Samsung S6 edge and love it!
Do you carry a big bag? Small bag? No bag? What do you usually carry with you?

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