Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A few random things..

Shamelessly stolen from the wonderful Nora. ;)
Things I’m new to: feeling like an old lady.  I’ve been having feet issues for over a year and I’ve tried different shoes, tried walking differently, stopped working out and overall I’m still having foot issues.  Now somewhat new issues.  It’s really bumming me out and messing up with my life so I know I need to get it under control and will try to make an appointment in January but I kind of need a new family doctor unless I can use the PA I saw last year and get some kind of referral from her to whatever.  Also, my hip.  The last two months my hip has been all weird and sore.  I’m slightly concerned that I’m dying because I’m a hypochondriac but I just keep plugging away. 

Things I don’t understand: Why people support a certain man running for president.  I refuse to write his name in this space.  He is a racist.  He is not funny.  I cannot understand how one can support him and I will be removing those people from my social media life soon because I cannot handle knowing I know people who think that is okay.

Things that make me giggle: my husband and his mispronunciations of everything.  OH MY LORD.  THE man sees beginnings of words and makes up the ending.  Or he totally uses the wrong word for a situation.  He’s been making me laugh for like a week straight now with his crazy.

Things that make me happy: My daughter.  Every day.  <3 span="">
Give me what you got.. What's something new to you? What don't you understand? What's making you laugh/happy?

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