Wednesday, November 4, 2015

What I Ate Wednesday

Nobody likes a bragger but I'm going to do it anyway.  I'm down 4 pounds since Sunday! Now while hopefully that was because I had out of control bloat and yuck from my period and I wasn't that heavy anyway, it is VERY motivating for me to see success.  A long way to go, but seeing that number going down is such a motivator for me.

This morning I tried out this new instant steel cut oatmeal I picked up last week.  I usually do a quick rolled oats in the microwave but it has not been tasting good to me and I know oatmeal keeps me full longer so I decided to try this as a shake up.  I liked it but I don't think the kiddo did.  Whoops.  She also had orange bell pepper and raspberries from our garden with a glass of water.  I drank coffee. ;)

a little gritty, but okay..
At my desk I sipped on my coffee and drank water while I wrote up a report and then I snuck into a Halloween trail mix bag a coworker made.  It was heavy on peanuts with a few goldfish crackers and even fewer pieces of candy corn.  I ate about half of the bag.
a similar bag because I didn't decide to post this until 10 minutes ago..

For lunch I had a small helping of leftover turkey spaghetti, carrots, celery, orange pepper with dill dip, yogurt, and a handful of chips with more water.
This afternoon I was driving around the country back from a home visit when I really needed to walk because my hip was throbbing and and so I stopped at a small town grocery and walked around and got an avocado to make guacamole with dinner and picked up an Honest Organic Peach Tea to drink on my way home.  It was delicious. 
For dinner since it was still like 70 degrees we grilled.  We told the kiddo that we were having sausages (she claims to hate hot dogs) but really we grilled hot dogs and made chili dogs.  I may have had two.  They were delicious.  We also had some chips and guacamole, peas, raspberries from our garden.
 After dinner we spent five minutes cleaning our bedroom where I was able to convince my husband to sell 5 pairs of pants on a local b/s/t page and donate a pair and donate a shirt.  Woot woot.
Tried on my Stitch Fix box pretties and I am in looooove.  I wish I had all the money to buy it all.  I got an AWESOME chambray top that I had an instant love for but it just doesn't fit my hips or boobs right waaaaaaaaaaah.  It's so pretty.  I love it all.  I know I will send back the cardigan for sure because it's a white color and umm I can't do that much white in an object. I spill my coffee on the daily, plus it's a bit too long.  But it is soooo soft. Major first world problems. I love my stylist, Heather.
Then I read some Pete the Cat to my kiddo, we did some stickers, watched some TMNT, read from our chapter book and she went to bed and I went to the treadmill.  Day 4 #mileaday and I did 1.31 miles.  Woot.
Now we are catching up on the CMAs.  And I am dying laughing at two of my faves Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley.
What yummy things did you eat today? Did you workout? Do you watch the CMAs? What are some of your favorite colored pants?

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