Thursday, November 5, 2015

Indecison 2015

While in the shower after completing Day 5 of #mileaday challenge (woo woo) I was contemplating what I was going to post about today.  I knew I also had to try to decide what to do about my Stitch Fix box so I went to go look at my lovely box after my shower.  And I took pictures.

My indecision was helped as I touched and looked at them again.  I really liked my box.  I always like my box.  I've only really been disappointed once but then I got hooked up with my awesome stylist, Heather again.  My problem is always spending the money on alll the pieces.

This is the burgundy Anita skinny jean.  They fit.  They are soft and they look nice.  I'm not like these are the best pants ever.  So I'm pretty sure I will return them. Which stinks because I want colored pants but I just don't think these are the one.  Great color though.
This Lizzy Colorblock sweater is soooooooooo soft.  Like I ate itchy sweaters and this is the extreme opposite.  I really can't wear it to work though because I really only have black pants or blue pants and this is blue.  I could wear it with jeans but I'm also not sure the stripes across the middle are my friend. 
This dolman is probably what I will keep.  It's soft.  It fits and it's light enough I could layer with a cardigan or wear alone.  I have a navy problem lately and stitch fix isn't helping when they keep sending me blue shirts ha.  Then I keep the problem of what to wear them with!!!
This is a market and spruce chambray top which I AM IN LOVE WITH.  But it doesn't fit my boobs and I wish it covered over my butt better.  But I love the neckline. LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I am so sad this can't be mine.
I love this cardigan too. It's sooooo soft.  Love it.  But it's white.  I spill coffee on myself like every day.   I have a 4.5 year old.  It has pockets!!! And plus also it's kinda long on me and makes my butt look bigger.
The style cards.  I love Stitch Fix.  Yeah, it's more money and yeah, I love most of everything and then only buy one thing but my wardrobe is getting better! And my town still sucks for clothes shopping.
What should I do? Do you use Stitch Fix? I have a few more days to think before I check out and I am for sure gong to try on again tomorrow night but I was too sweaty / hot earlier.

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