Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Catch Up!

TGIF! This was a hard week to pull myself out of bed in the morning.  It’s so dark and cold! I’m ready to begin my hibernation (if only!!). 

I had quite a busy October with plans on every weekend.  This is insanity for me because usually we slow down and just watch football and be lazy during the fall.  Last Sunday, my husband and I had tickets on a limo bus for a wine tasting up in Traverse City.  We went with about 40ish people on two buses and got to enjoy a day of wine! It was fun and stress-free but I did mention to my husband a few times that if there was a suggestion box, I had a couple! ;) So that kind of set the tone for a busy week since Sunday is usually my big day of rest.  Needless to say laundry and the house have been a bit behind!
A view from Brengman Brother's winery up in the Leelanau Peninsula

I’ve been listening to a lot of pod casts lately on my way to work and at work and it has spurned lots of thoughts! Hopefully, I will turn some of them into their own posts, but it will depend on time and focus. 

Focus, which is something that I’ve had a hard time with lately.  I just can’t read and stay focused.  I’m sad because it’s made it hard to read for fun and for learning! I’ve gotten into a bad afternoon caffeinated pick me up, which isn’t always a healthy option, obviously!

Which brings me to my November plan.  In January I used a #mileaday challenge as the kick in the pants to get into working out again.  And it was successful.  For the 31 days I got on the treadmill for at least one mile each and every day.  Some days I did more, some days it was all I had.  I soon learned that if I wasn’t doing something every single day, I could go months without doing anything.  For real.  It’s bad.  And since it is starting into the dark and dreary part of the year when I have no motivation, hate the cold and just feel yucky I think November is a perfect time to kick start myself again.  And hopefully start combating the holiday food comas!

So if you would like to join in with me, I’d love to have you! I will post a few updates throughout the month and would love to encourage you if you need it like I do! I will say my fitbit has been a tremendous help but lately even that hasn’t been kicking me in the pants.  I’m hoping that perhaps midway through the month when my legs get used to it again I can add in the 30 day squat challenge because that definitely gave me inches results earlier this year.
 Doing homework earlier this week.. she had to make a puppet of a farm animal.. for those that don't know this is a 'sheep'

I’m looking forward to this weekend because even with Halloween crazy tomorrow, it should be low key.  We are carving our pumpkins tomorrow morning and roasting pumpkin seeds.  Then trick or treating and watching football.  Sunday THERE ARE NO PLANS.  I AM SO EXCITED.  I may stay in pajamas because I did a grocery shopping trip Thursday that may keep us through next week since I haven’t meal planned but I think we had enough stuff in the freezer/fresh stuff I bought! I need to clean and sell some things as I am Christmas shopping.
 my mermaid last week at our local Pumpkin Festival

Oh and speaking of food, last night we thawed and had some of our roasted tomato soup from our garden tomatoes! Just as good (maybe better!) than when we ate it earlier this summer.  We will definitely be making and freezing more batches for next winter.  So soo good.  And I don’t typically like tomato soup.  Thank you, Tiffani Amber Thiessen.  J

Hope all is well with you and you are all as excited for Friday as I am!

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