Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Reading: Carrying Albert Home

Loving: cardigans

Thinking:  about where my mind went.. I've been so spacey! I blame allergies..

Frustrated: by grown adults acting worse than children.

Feeling:  lots of indecision.

Anticipating:  going to Columbus with my dad this weekend.

Watching: lots of Jon Stewart re-runs.  I miss him! Also, watched Matilda this weekend and it was so cute!

Sad:  that it's so freaking cold and since it was rainy and windy I never went and picked raspberries this weekend from the garden.

Working: on purging things from my house.  I kinda of need my family to go away and let me throw away their crap ha.

Grateful: that I have such an empathetic kid.

Listening: to podcasts for the most part.  Undisclosed, All the Books, Starr Struck Radio (though it annoys me half the time, but the second season has been better in the non-annoying department)

Wishing: that my body would cooperate with me.

What are you currently reading, listening to and thinking?

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