Tuesday, August 5, 2014

July Highlights

I feel like July lasted forever and I enjoyed every last drop!!! I'm sad that it is done because as a e-card I saw today said, "August is one long Sunday night for teachers."  So freaking true.  I feel like I can't really enjoy this month because I'M ALMOST back to work and there is just so much to do and honestly with all the changes coming and no real answers until MAYBE August 22nd, all I am is an anxiety mess every time I think about it, so I just don't.  Cuz, ALLL THE ANXIETY. 

So... July, things I did a lot of...


8 books!

  1. Say Goodbye – Lisa Gardner (July 6th) - Pretty gruesome
  2.  Takedown Twenty – Janet Evanovich (July 8th) - Funny
  3. Top Secret Twenty-One – Janet Evanovich (July 10th) - Best Stephanie Plum in awhile..
  4. Postmortem – Patricia Cornwall (July 13th) - Hooked me into a new series...
  5. Endangered – Jean Cush Love (July 15th) - Thought provoking..
  6. Double Whammy – Gretchen Archer (July 21st) - Hilarious.  Great beach read.
  7. Double Dip – Gretchen Archer (July 24th) - Also hilarious.
  8. The Virgin of Small Plains – Nancy Pickard (July 27th) - Fell kinda flat.
Witnessed a lot of sunsets... A lot happened while watching from our front porch and aren't spectacular, but we've spent a lot of time out there this past month.  Be it late night drinks with my husband and I, breakfast with the three year old, block playing, music listening, or just hanging out, we've used it a lot!  Anyway, back to sunsets.  I got to see a ton of great ones when we were in Caseville camping.  We really enjoyed our time at Sleeper State Park, even if our bathroom accommodations weren't as up to par as we are used too! But they have nicer bathrooms on the other side.  Beautiful beach!


We also went to the library once a week.  Isla completed her third year in the reading program.  Woohoo. ;)  We hit the park at least once a week if not more.  We went swimming.  We went boating.  We went camping. The adults saw James Taylor.  It was fabulous!!

Our garden also started producing and we have zucchini coming out of our ears! We've made zucchini tots, zucchini pizzas, zucchini boats, grilled zucchini... Just call us the Forrest Gump of zucchini! My favorite has been the zucchini tots.

Zucchini pizza

This is a yummy sweet potato hash with an egg on top with one of the zucchini boats!
The only thing I would have changed is to make sure I walked, ran or rode my bike more.  I think I only really did it once or twice a week if that.  I mean I was moving, but not working out.  I spent more time reading and getting stuff organized to sell and clean up the spare room.    Blech.   Here's to a better moving August!

Did you see a lot of sunsets in July? Take any vacations? Have any new recipes from the garden? What topped your list in July?

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