Monday, May 5, 2014


So, I'm sure nobody noticed that I posted May Group Read Suggestions and then didn't post a selection. ER.. hum.. whoops. 

April kicked my arse.  I am taking on May with a vengeance but that vengeance is without a May Group Read.  I do apologize and I will put up the Jane Eyre questions this Friday.  So, let's take a break for May and regroup in June. 

On tap for this week

- lots of working out.  I am back on the wagon after a HORRIBLE April.  I came back from vacation and my body/eating apparently just kept myself there because our weather sucked and I just had a crappy month overall.  So, yes lots of working out.  I've started a Wednesday Pound class with people I work with and it's a lot of fun and kicking my butt!  I'm also trying to restart the couch to 5k and other things.

- better eating.  I made a meal plan and I WILL STICK TO IT.  The last two weeks have been god awful and I didn't meal plan for the whole month of April and I really think I set myself up for some awful failure after I'd been doing sooo well.  So, I've learned that for me, that monthly plan is so needed.  I haven't fully planned out May but I have the first two weeks and next weekend I will finish out the month.

- cleaning.  I really feel like I was in a black hole all of April.  Work kicked my butt, my kid kicked my butt and just general life kicked my butt.  My house needs work.  I have been doing better in some spots but cleaning/decluttering needs to be hit hard again.  Especially since I am hosting two rather large parties in the next few months in my house.  AHHH.

Anyway, I do apologize for the absence from here posting and my absence from reading blogs.  I've been trying to do a once a week catch up but that is no fun.  Here's to better time management!

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