Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thankful - Employment

It wasn't so long ago that I DREAMED of having my own classroom.  I'd be so irritated when people would complain about their class assignments. UM YOU HAVE CLASS ASSIGNMENTS TO COMPLAIN ABOUT!  What about the 4 plus years of school that I did to have NOTHING? What about all the bullcrap interviews I did when they'd basically decided who to hire before I sat down in that chair? I WANTED it.  I wanted to stop feeling like I'd wasted my life getting a degree that was doing nothing for me.  I wanted to stop feeling useless and dumb and unwanted.

And I finally have my very own classroom.  It's not perfect.  Far from it.  I'd like to be making a wage that would support my child if I EVER (please oh please never) had to do it.  I'd like to have paid sick time in case the germs I'm exposed to daily from the children I work with ever attack my superb (just jinxed it) immune system.  I'd like to have a personal day.  I'd like to get paid for a snow/ice day.  Hell, I'd like to be treated like a professional. 

I digressed.  But it pisses me off when people complain about teacher salaries.  CLEARLY YOU SHOULD NOT BE JEALOUS OF MINE. ;) Oh sure, I get 3 months off but that is also unpaid and I do NOT make enough the other 9 months to pay many bills around here.  Thank you, awesome husband of mine.

I digressed again.

Anywhoo.. Anyway, I get it.  I'm lucky.  I have a job.  I'm making a difference.  Every day, I see the results.  Every day I see a child learn something they didn't know the day before.  It is awesome.  Every day I get to see the smiles.  I get the hugs.  It is the best.  And I am so glad I stuck it out to experience my own classroom.

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