Sunday, November 17, 2013

Five Things on a Sunday

1. I'm happy to report I am in a much better place than I was a few weeks ago.  Wildly out of control would basically sum up the emotions of October into November.  It's kind of more calm.  Or I'm better at ignoring the crazy.

2. I've been hit by a crazy declutter/organize/decorate bug.  Now if only it will last before I get frustrated/can find what I want to make the decluttering easy! I am at the point in my office that the next step is to go through the actual drawers, closet and filing cabinet.  I feel like before I do that I better buy some bins or some kind of organizing thing because the crap needs to go somewhere!

3. I want to buy all the things for everybody this Christmas.  Well everybody = kids.  My own kid, my nephews, my niece, myself err.. You get the point.  I have a bunch of clothes already for the kiddos that I need to go through.  My kid might be getting some of hers sooner rather than later since I realized she hardly has any long sleeve shirts in her current size.  Whoops.  We do a lot of layering anyhow but it's getting colder.

4. I've finally started entertaining the idea of another child.  Possibly.  But once again I'm back into ahhh the timing situation.  Last time was perfect and if only it could be perfect twice. ;)  But for sure not until after next summer.  But soon because I probably don't want to have any kids after 33.  And well that's coming up quicker than you really think when you want to have multiple children ha.  But yeah, no being pregnant for my birthday/spring break and I'd prefer to enjoy a pregnant free summer so who knows.  I feel like I have too many unknowns in my life coming up in 2014 and hell, why not add another!

5.  I'm forcing myself into a healthier lunch eating/must get on the treadmill plan for the next couple months.  I need it.  I feel gross, I need more energy, I'm ridiculously out of shape.  I honestly even made a 16 week plan to take me through January and then never started it.  I need to start it.  I vowed to lose weight before my 30th birthday and I've seriously slacked on that.  Plus, I need to do it for myself and myself wants to feel like a bad ass when I'm on the beach celebrating my 30th birthday.  Cuz 30 feels like it needs to be rocked.  And rocked hard.  I'm up for the challenge.

What's up with you?

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