Sunday, April 21, 2013

Little Children

I read this book by Tom Perrotta last month and enjoyed it.  I didn't loooove it, because it was kind of a darker book about emotions and parents in a suburb and a pedophile was involved.  Also, the ending left me wanting a bit more.  However, I'd definitely recommend it.  It's an interesting look into suburbia and how different people react to life situations.

Sarah is married to Richard and is a feminist trapped in a suburban stay at home mom's life.  She doesn't feel like she fits in with the other mothers and her marriage is a bit shaky.  Richard is on his second marriage and repeating his mistakes from his first.

Todd, is known around the playground as "The Prom King," and is a stay at home dad while his wife works.  He is supposed to be studying to pass the bar exam but since he has already failed twice he isn't too keen on studying and feels like maybe he doesn't really want to be a lawyer.

Mary Ann, is the ring leader of the mothers and thinks she knows everything and has life alllll figured out.  She has everything planned to the minute, even her sex life.  Her and Sarah butt heads a few times over infidelity issues and parenting choices.

Ronnie, is a pedophile who was recently released from prison and is driving the community crazy, especially Larry a retired cop who is obsessed with him to the point he harasses and stalks him!

It's a dark look at suburbia and all the mundane day to day things that go on.  There is a lot of irony written in and there aren't really any characters you will love, but it does keep you interested.

I will say the ending had me thinking it would end in a different way and I think perhaps I'd like the ending in my head rather than the blech ending it had.  But, it kind of went with the mundane lives of the characters anyway.

Have you read anything by Tom Perrotta?

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