Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Stolen from Lisa ;)

Current Book - I'm currently a few pages into Case Histories by Kate Atkinson, a few pages into The End of Your Life Book Club and a few hundred into Bedroom Stories which is a collection of short stories.  It's a book I grab when I'm in the basement with a few extra minutes or walking on the treadmill.
Current Drink - Crystal Light Peach Tea yummm

Current Excitement - Hopefully a zoo trip on Thursday and books & bars on Friday to discuss The Great Gatsby!

Current Love - Sun! I saw it on Tuesday!!!!!!!

Currently Pondering - What my job will be in the fall. 

Current Mood - Tired.  Toddlers and preschoolers are exhausting
Current Outfit - I've been wearing a gray cardigan with a fuschia colored shirt and dark jeans a lot lately.
Current Peeve - That my preschoolers are in a naughty phase and I'm pretty exasperated by it.
Current Song - Boys Around Here by Blake SHelton.  I love him.

Current Triumph - My kid is pretty darn independent and that was a goal of mine.
Current TV Show - Mad Men is back!!! And THE VOICE!!  I spend a lot of time watching DVRed tv each night while multi-tasking.

Current Wish-List -  New flipflops, summer clothes and running shoes

Currently Delaying - Taking away my kids night time pacifier.  I'm holding out til her 2nd birthday/my summer vacation.  As it is now she only gets it while sleeping and I'm weaning her down from needing three in her crib to 2 of them and then we will be at just one and then when she's 2 it has to go to other babies because 2 year olds don't use pacifiers! ;)  Hopefully, she is receptive to this hahahaha.

What's one of your currents?  Don't forget yesterday's post on suggesting a read for May!

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