Monday, March 18, 2013

5k Training Week 1

Yep.  I'm going to do it again.  And before you get too excited, we are going to walk this one too.  My goal is to eventually run one, but I like walking them must as much with my partner in crime. ;)  Last time I planned on training and then it got away from me and I basically walked twice the week before and then the day of the 5k.  This time, I'm attempting to do some training.  So I looked up my pal Hal Higdon and decided to go for it.  Last week, was the first week I realllly got into it.  I've been off and on trying to get moving since February, but I made a plan last weekend and stuck to it!  It helped that the weather was amazing last weekend.

Sunday, March 10th --20 minutes , Walking
We did a family walk after dinner and it was probably about a mile that we did.  It was a late walk and it was getting dark/close to bed time but it was comfortable walking outside!

Monday, March 11th -- 40 minutes, Walking

I had planned on doing a walk outside in the morning but then remembered I had to work and was actually late, whoops, so by the afternoon when I had time it was pouring rain.  So we went to the mall and walked.  I did a couple laps around and walked through the stores.  More walking than stopping, so I'm counting it. ;)

Saturday, March 16th -- 2.04 miles, Walking

According to the training a 45 -50 minute walk should happen over the weekend, so I met up with my friend whom I am walking the 5k with and we did about 2.04 miles in around 45 minutes or so.  I wasn't quite sure about the time, but I measured out the distance.  It had JUST snowed and it was quite messy, apparently people aren't out shoveling early on Saturday mornings in March. ;)

 Sunday, March 17th---2.4 miles, Walking

I needed another longish walk in and persuaded the family to join me in walking to the corner store to get a newspaper.  It was freeeeeeeeeeeezing cold.  Last year, it was 80 on this day! Waaaaaaaah. We warmed up at the half-way point in the store and then on the way home planned an amazing breakfast idea and stopped by the farm on our road to buy farm fresh eggs.  It was a great walk with the fam, even though we were freeezing.

I'm pretty happy how this week turned out that I got the 4 times in that I wanted  Even if I'm counting two Sunday's in my weeks.  Whoops.  Oh well.  It's what I'm doing.  My plan for this coming week is to try to get middle of the week walks in.  Hopefully, we don't have as much rain/snow as we did this week and we can get after work outdoor walks in because by the time I have time for the treadmill/outdoor walks at night after the kiddo goes to bed I'm done for the day!

Have you walked or trained for a 5k before?

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