Tuesday, March 26, 2013

29 Things I Will Do This Year

29.  Ugh, how I hate odd years.  But this year will be a good fucking fantastic year.  Here, are 29 reasons why...

1. I will be seeing Kenny Chesney, Eric Church & Kasey Musgraves etc.. in concert!!

2. I will go camping.

3. I will run a 5k.

4. I will lose at least 29 pounds.

5. I will take my daughter to the zoo.

6.  I will enjoy late summer nights on my bff's back deck drinking Summer Shandy and swatting away mosquitos.

7.  I will take at least 2 graduate classes.

8. I will finish my second full year as a preschool teacher.

9. I will tailgate and attend a few of our minor league baseball teams.

10.  I will take a Zumba class again.

11.  I will walk/run 110 miles.

12. I will send out at least one letter a month to a friend who needs a pick em up / or a friend I've lost touch with.

13.  I will go to Fat Jacks and enjoy the pizza at least once.

14. I will go to an OSU football game.

15.  I will visit my grandparent's graves.

16.  I will buy flowers for a friend, just because.

17. I will read 50 books.

18. I will take my daughter to a music class.

19. I will go wine tasting.

20.  I will plan an epic 30th Birthday Celebration.

21. I will spend as many summer days out in our pool as possible.

22.  I will make a new friend.

23. I will do something that scares me.

24. I will get at least two pedicures.

25. I will clean out my office.

26. I will print out pictures.

27. I will be a better partner to my husband.

28. I will plan an awesome spring break for next year.

29.  I will make it my mission to have fun, live life to the fullest and enrich my daughter's life as much as I can.  I will not take this life for granted.

A flashback on past birthday's...

25th bday.. 80s party!
24th bday.. out for drinks
27th bday.. with my ice cream cake 7 months pregnant..

What year was your favorite? I think mine was 22.  So muchhh fun!

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