Monday, December 12, 2011

Changes for 2012 Book Club...

Change is sometimes daunting, scary or hard.  Sometimes it is rewarding, beneficial and freeing. 

I hope the changes I am planning for next year's book club are of the positive nature.  While, the early months of juggling a child, work and daily life wasn't too much, it has now hit a point where something has to give.  My husband's business is thriving (which is EXCELLENT, so so excellent) but that means lots of late nights.  Which in turn, puts more childcare and house work on me.  Which in turn, makes me super duper tired and wanting to veg on the couch.  Which you would think, would make me read more, however, my brain can't handle words and I get easily distracted.

So, instead of 4 check-in's a month I will only be posting 2 check-in's.  If anyone wants to do an extra check-in on the other odd weeks that is more than fine with me, even if it is sporadic.  So, depending how the dates fall we will discuss the book on the 2nd and 4th Friday's of the month.  I am hoping that will give people even more time to get the books and more time to read / catch up.

Also, some months (I've got my eye on February and April off the top of my head) we may join up with another month and do an extra long month read.  So say we may do Feb/March together and April/May together.  I will let you know when I add the post for the monthly suggestions. 

I am so thankful for the participation and feedback given in the last 2!!! years we have been reading together.  I want to continue the monthly books and our talks, but I know to put forth my best effort and to be fair to those doing the reading, I need to adjust this. 

Thanks for being understanding and for participating!!

Do you like these new changes? Any other thoughts?

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