Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Book Confession Holiday Edition

 As my daughter asked me to read one story out of this book before bed I immediately was like, I must share my distaste of this book and others like it with the world.  You're welcome.

The book snob in me cannot do Disney character books.  Or any show books.  A compilation of horrible stories with movie characters? Ugh.  I would never ever buy one of these.  My husband's aunt buys one of some sort at least once a year I swear.  

I suppose I also dislike any book for kids that have a bunch of stories in them.  Probably, because the stories are awful.  

Also I realized that the Frozen story in this book is SO FREAKING similar to another Frozen story in another compilation we have.  Anna wants her sister's attention and Elsa is too damn busy planning a surprise for her sister until her sister takes matters into her own hands.

For the love, let's hope I can make it through this holly jolly season without throwing this book out the window.

And please, do not gift these to us.  Or anyone, if you love them.

What say you? Yay or nay? Can I mail this sucker to you? (I kid, I kid, she'd never forgive me)

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