Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Book Confession

 Recently my preschooler came home from school and talked about one of her teachers reading, Where the Wild Things Are, and asked if I could get it from the library.  I of course obliged and we picked it up and have since read it a few times.

I know I had to have read it as a child, but I’m not a hundred percent certain.  I can remember it throughout my childhood, on a friend's bookcase, at school, seeing it at the school library, and here is where my confession comes from.  I never read it because the cover made me think the illustrations were horrible and I would not like it.  

I never read it when I was teaching.  I never read it to my oldest.  I only read it to my youngest because of her specific request.

Here’s the second part of the confession.

I was right.  I did not like it.   I was correct, I did not like the illustrations.  The story was ‘meh,’ and I’d rather read 234434 other books.  Is it the worst book I’ve had to read to a child? GOODNESS, NO. (IYKYK).

Will I read it again? Yes, because the preschooler has already requested that I get it AGAIN from the library and I’m not a monster who keeps books from my kid just because I don’t like it.

But, will I try to get my husband to do most of the reading? Most likely.

Do you have a book you never read based on the cover? Did you ever read it? Did you change your mind?

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