Tuesday, March 7, 2023

February Reads!

In one word the books I read in February along with how I feel about February is summed up with, "meh."

I love Jasmine Guillory's books but this one was my first dud -ish.  Not a fan of the retelling of beauty and the beast.  It pains me to say it but this is my least favorite by her.

The Sun Down Motel was pretty good.  It was hard to believe that people would keep working at a hotel where they obviously see ghosts and hear stuff but, hey beyond THAT, it was a good mystery trying to figure out what happened to a woman who disappeared many years earlier.

How to Excavate A Heart was a cute YA love story.  It would definitely hit if you are a bit nerdy and want to read about interning in a a Smithsonian museum.  

 The Mitford Affair was good for the content and learning about a family I hadn't known about before.  But the writing was hard to keep sisters apart because they almost all read like they had the same voice.

Plantation Shudders is a cute mystery set on a plantation in Louisiana.  It is the start of a series and I may or may not pick up more in the future.  

When we Believed in Mermaids was okay, but I think I'd rather have watched it as a Hallmark movie as opposed to reading it as a book.  The  back cover made it seem a little more intense than what it was.

A Tourists Guide to Murder is a continuation of a series I'm reading that is set in Western Michigan.

What did you read in February?

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