Monday, October 25, 2021

Daughters of the Lake

Our October book club pick was Daughters of the Lake by Wendy Webb.  It wasn't one that I'd normally pick for myself, but it was set on the shores of Lake Superior and it is based upon stories and legends of the area.  It was a good October read.  There was some spooky/mystical stuff to it, but it wasn't overly done.  I liked the the way that the chapters went back and forth from past to present and hinted at how things happened.  I would like to say that I guessed who the killer was and am proud of myself for that because usually it slips right by me because I'm just chugging along.

Kate Granger is getting a cup of coffee when she sees her dad and the local police chief looking at a body that has washed to shore at her parents house.  She runs down to the waterfront and causes a huuuuge scense.  Needless to say this scene makes the police chief wonder, if she or her estranged husband have anything to do with this discovery.

Kate goes to another nearby waterfront town to visit her cousin Simon who owns a bed and breakfast.  This massive house used to belong to their great-grandparents and while Kate relays to Simon the weirdness of what is going on, dead body, suspect in a murder, and oh by the way, SHE KNOWS this person from her dreams, she decides to figure out who this person is and how they died.

If you are looking for something supernatural, with a Midwest setting, I'd recommend! It wasn't too bizarre and really had me turning the page to find out how everything meshed together.

Do you ever read spooky/thrillers/mysteries in October?

My least favorite October book club pick was Stephen King's, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon. Blah

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