Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Baby's Bookshelf

I have a well documented book hoarding problem.  I love books.  I love having them in my house.  I love buying, borrowing, talking, looking, dreaming about books.  In the process of making room for our new child, I've had to combine two bookshelves.  This was a tragic undertaking.  I had to completely empty one bookshelf and merge in into an already full bookshelf.  So I've been utilizing operation read the book and donate.  I'm still over capacity currently.  I'll get there.

Yesterday, I finally had cleared the bookshelf I'm going to use in the child's room.  Sorry second child but you are starting out with a smaller bookcase than your older sister and it's a hand me down from my childhood. 

The seven year old and I had gone through her books a few weeks ago because I also had her on operation downgrade the books because I needed more room in her extra closet her in her room.  We pulled out all the board books that I had not donated, sold, or given away. 

A picture of the top shelf so far..

There are a few more I want to add in or replace copies of our old ones that had to be eliminated.

Here are a few that I want to get the child...

Hello Animals!  This looks like a cute board book and we do not have any black and white books.

Hello, Farm!  We do not have any of the indestructible books and I think we got rid of all of our farm books!  This one looks cute.

Dream Big, Little One I really want to add this to her collection! It contains a plethora of African American women role models.  I love strong women books for my little women!

The Going To bed Book! I love Sandra Boynton books! I thought we had this one but it may have been destroyed! My seven year olds absolute favorite was But Not the Hippopotamus

Little Blue Truck This is another that I thought we had already, but we apparently no longer do.  I have fond memories of reading this when I was a nanny to the kids over and over again.  They loved it.

There are obviously oodles more that I want to add but these are just a few that I think would be great additions to to our shelf.

What are some must haves on your children's bookshelves? Favorites to read over and over again? Favorite to gift?

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