Monday, January 14, 2019

Library Haul!

My library obsession is getting out of control.  I currently have 27 books out.  I need to stop.  My book love is crazy.  Let's be real, the child nor I will finish all of these before I have to return them, but I just love to have books!

I almost made it out of there with no books for myself.  But on a display I saw, The Little Women Letters, SO of course I had to grab it! The sad truth right now is that the book I just finished and the one I am currently reading are not even library books.  My book club book was a Christmas gift and Becoming by Michelle Obama *current read* was a present too!

I went in search of some picture books about kindness because we need a refresher here in this house on how we treat people.  I'm really excited to share Strictly No Elephants with the seven year old. 

This has great illustrations and a good reminder that no matter what you have or who you are, we can all get along.  Friendships are hard, and my kiddo is currently struggling with having multiple friends that aren't really friends with each other.  The logical answer is  --- hey children can't you all play together and include each other in your gosh darn game????? But of course, there is complications.  And I'm irritated that my child was being a silent participant in this drama.

So hopefully this book and The Big Umbrella, which talks about how there is room for EVERYONE will help us. 

When I was looking then I saw the book about Beijing and since she is learning Mandarin and learning about Chinese culture I figured she might enjoy this, and she LOVES Vampirina so that was a no brainer. 

What are your favorite books on friendship?

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