Thursday, December 13, 2018

What I've Read This Week

I've been flying through books this last week.  I've been making good selections or my mindset, which resulted in me finishing 3 books since the weekend and 4 if you count the one I finished last Tuesday.

Wonder - R.J. Palacio

I have a horrible tendency to put off popular books or books that are highly recommended.  I feel like when I read them in the midst of the hype I over analyze, so then I put them off and feel like a dingbat when I do actually read them.

Wonder is sooo sooo sooo good.  I loved it.  I loved the voice of all of the children, found it relate able to young kids and such a good book.   Please, don't be a dingbat like me and read it! I've actually gifted to a few kids without reading it, and now I will most definitely keep doing so!

Assaulted Caramel by Amanda Flower

This is the first book in the Amish Candy Shop series and it was really good.  I had previously read Premeditated Peppermint which is the third in the series and really enjoyed it.  This gives you more details behind Bailey's move to Harvest, Ohio.  It introduces you to the towns residents and is just a lovely cozy mystery! I really like Amanda Flower.

which leads to my next book...

A Plain Death by Amanda Flower

I devoured this Amish mystery! This is the first in the Appleseed Creek books! Chloe Humphrey gets her first job out of college which takes her from the big city to the teeny tiny town where her new employer Harshberger College is located.  On her way into town she meets a young Amish girl and interrupts two local thugs harassing her.  As Chloe settles into her new town and job, she makes new friends in the Troyer family and becomes embroiled in a murder case where she may be the real target!  I can't wait to read more in this series!

Today, I am staying on my Amish theme with A Gathering of Secrets by Linda Castillo.  This is the newest book in the Kate Burkholder series that I love!

What have you read this week?

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