Thursday, July 26, 2018


Here is my semi-sporadic update on what is up currently!

Reading A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick for our July book club pick.  I just finished Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes, which is a great middle grade book about a 12 year old girl getting through Hurricane Katrina.  

Loving making new veggie recipes with stuff from our garden!

Feeling like summer is flying by.  The kiddo has Art Camp this week and it kinda sucks up our days since we are extremely lazy in the morning, but next week I need to plan some adventures for us.  There are a couple museums I want to take her too and some parks we should visit before summer has flown by us!

Thinking about which area of the house I should organize next and if I should just have a garage sale with the kiddo or try to sell some more stuff via facebook posts.  I have most everything separated clothes wise. but I hate going through the sell groups when people get wishy washy on meeting.

Anticipating our epic road trip we have planned for Spring Break.  I'm slowly finding spots to add to our 'might do' lists.  Trying to plan out some healthy eating for the massive road trip so we don't get sucked into the fast food for every meal on the road vortex and what we should make for our beach rental food wise so we don't spend extra down there.  We are obviously frugal travelers concerned about food hahaha.

Watching finishing up Southern Charm and then moving on to the other Southern Charms and then I have a massive list of old movies I've recorded with some PBS history shows...

Working on nothing right now... I need to get back into the house organizing project I was doing, but I'm really enjoying summer time with my kiddo.

Grateful for all the time I get to spend with my kiddo!

Listening to podcasts whenever I get a chance.  Some of my favorites lately have been the newest season of In the Dark, that I'm still not finished with, Pod Save America ,and NPR.  Oh and Oprah's Super Soul Conversations are always good.  I introduced my mom to podcasts last week and can't wait to hear what she thinks!

Wishing that snapping fingers was an effective way of making dinner appear, transportation to occur, shopping to happen and yourself to get magically dressed.. so not much!

What are you reading and watching and listening to? 

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