Monday, February 12, 2018

Looking Forward

Lately, I've been wanting to write more but felt too exhausted with life to come up with too many of my own thoughts.  So, here's too pre-scripted prompts..

This weekend we actually do not have anything planned, but a lot of our winter weekends have turned into extra chapters read in whatever Little House book we are in and extra episodes of the show.  I'm not quite sure what we will do when we come to an end to both!

This month not much.  February is such a blah month for me and after January felt like 2 years, this seems like this month at least has flown by.

In March my birthday! And the beginning of our road trip for Spring Break.  We will be spending the last bit of the month in Morgantown, West Virginia.  I can't wait!

In April I'm looking forward to our site seeing adventures in Washington D.C.  We have been watching you tube videos and talking about people in history and their memorials to get our daughter excited! 

This spring I'm looking forward to my program ending for the school year session in May.  It's been a very trying first year.  I will be glad to see it be done with!

This summer I'm looking forward to the sunshine! And hopefully visiting lakes and beaches in our pretty state!

What are you looking forward to these days?

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