Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Kiss Carlo

I recently took a reading personality quiz that said I was a social reader.  One of the attributes being that I find books/authors from talking to others.  Adriana Trigiani is one such author.  If it wasn't for the social networking of blogs, I wouldn't have heard the rave reviews from Nora about this lovely writer!

My love of series has been mentioned numerous times and I adore her Valentine series! Reading the blurb about Kiss Carlo reminded me of the family tale weaved into the Valentine stories so I was eager to give this book a shot.

Description: It’s 1949 and South Philadelphia bursts with opportunity during the post-war boom. The Palazzini Cab Company & Western Union Telegraph Office, owned and operated by Dominic Palazzini and his three sons, is flourishing: business is good, they’re surrounded by sympathetic wives and daughters-in-law, with grandchildren on the way. But a decades-long feud that split Dominic and his brother Mike and their once-close families sets the stage for a re-match.
Amidst the hoopla, the arrival of an urgent telegram from Italy upends the life of Nicky Castone (Dominic and his wife’s orphaned nephew) who lives and works with his Uncle Dom and his family. Nicky decides, at 30, that he wants more—more than just a job driving Car #4 and more than his longtime fiancée Peachy DePino, a bookkeeper, can offer. When he admits to his fiancée that he’s been secretly moonlighting at the local Shakespeare theater company, Nicky finds himself drawn to the stage, its colorful players and to the determined Calla Borelli, who inherited the enterprise from her father, Nicky must choose between the conventional life his family expects of him or chart a new course and risk losing everything he cherishes.
From the dreamy mountaintop village of Roseto Valfortore in Italy, to the vibrant streets of South Philly, to the close-knit enclave of Roseto, Pennsylvania, to New York City during the birth of the golden age of television, Kiss Carlo is a powerful, inter-generational story that celebrates the ties that bind, while staying true to oneself when all hope seems lost.
Told against the backdrop of some of Shakespeare’s greatest comedies, this novel brims with romance as long buried secrets are revealed, mistaken identities are unmasked, scores are settled, broken hearts are mended and true love reigns. Trigiani’s consummate storytelling skill and her trademark wit, along with a dazzling cast of characters will enthrall readers. Once again, the author has returned to her own family garden to create an unforgettable feast. Kiss Carlo is a jubilee, resplendent with hope, love, and the abiding power of la famiglia,

I had a small issue with Kiss Carlo.  I feel like it was such a thick book.  So many story lines and plot twists that it could have been made into it's own series and saved the hefty weight of this solo novel. It got a bit wordy at points when describing things which is the part of all books that I dread.

BUT, the family story and the rise and fall and rise of Nicky Castone was captivating.  It was entertaining and I did want to see it through.  I read this book in 3 days and it was quite a few pages.

I'd recommend this for other Trigiani fans, but for those who haven't read her I'd suggest starting with Lucia, Lucia or the Valentine series before you decide to tread here.

If you'd like to purchase your own copy check out the HarperCollins site for more info!

What family saga books do you enjoy reading?

I received this book from TLC Book Tours.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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