Friday, July 15, 2016


Reading:  Me Before You by JoJo Moyes.  It’s for book club and it’s okay.  Not in love, not in hate.  Just okay.  I need to find something to sink my teeth in! We are going camping for 5 days soon and I want to bring some good reads with me!

Loving: more day light,  It’s amazing the motivation to do things after working all day when it’s warm and nice outside!

Thinking: about how crazy hour life will be soon when my baby starts Kindergarten!!!

Feeling:  unsettled and I don’t really know why.   

Anticipating: a wedding away with the hubs this weekend and then like I mentioned before our camping trip.  It’s going to be crazy getting ready for it.

Watching: the Blacklist.  We are almost all the way caught up finally.  We’ve been trying to do a show a night lately because we recorded so many shows this year and have so many to catch up on since apparently we do things other than just watch tv ha

Working: summer hours so that’s nice.  We get out at 3 on Friday’s but I really don’t feel like it helps any except for when we are leaving for the weekend and can get a head start.

Grateful:  that I am going to be able to adjust my hours at work this school year so I can drop the kiddo off at school every day before work.  Which means we do not have to pay for the before care program.  I was dreading that, not because it’s expensive, but because of the time I’d need to drop her I’d be paying someone to have her line up and wait.  So this is nice.

Listening:  to a ton of podcasts.  I have a problem.  Too many podcasts, not enough time.

Wishing: for a cleaning fairy!

What are you reading, listening to and watching lately?

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