Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Double Knot

I am so glad that I got the opportunity to read Double Knot by Gretchen Archer! Double Knot is the 5th in the Davis Way Crime Caper series! And we all know how I love a series!!

Gretchen writes quick witted and funny dialogue.  Her categories may be outrageous but they are consistently outrageous! And I love them.  If you love Janet Evanovich you MUST try out her series.

Description: Super Spy Davis Way sets sail on a Caribbean cruise aboard the MS Probability with fifty billionaires, a boatload of Louis Vuitton luggage, Anderson Cooper, and her mother. (Her mother?) The weather is perfect, the seas are calm, and Suite 704 is spectacular. Until the door slams shut. For good.

Obviously, it’s a system glitch. Surely someone will show up to free Davis, Miss Hawaii, and the creepy staff. But when the minutes turn to hours and the hours stretch into a day, Davis knows it’s up to her. With $50,000 in casino chips, a pot roast, and a crash course in banking, she races against the clock to determine why they’re being held, stop the people behind it, and find a way out.

Secrets are revealed, antiquities are destroyed, and they’re running out of dishes. It’s mayday on Probability when Davis Way realizes that only the truth will set her free.

Just like the 4 books before it, Double Knot is laugh out loud funny! Davis is a riot and her mother is a hoot.  Fantasy also comes through with some great lines as well.  I will say I was not a fan of one of the characters but she was written to be annoying, and she was! ;)

Only thing I'd warn people is that there is pregnancy is in this book and some of it could be a little too much if reading about pregnancy can be a trigger.

The quick of it is that Davis and her entourage which includes her cat, Anderson Cooper, Fantasy, her mother and the suite wait staff arrive in their suite with the addition of Jessica who was in charge of organizing the cruise with her husband, when the doors clock in their fancy suite and their means of communication to the outside is knocked out.  Of course Davis Way isn't even supposed to be in this suite, Bianca  Sanders is supposed to be there for her pregnancy photo shoot.  But of course she has Davis doing her dirty work.  What, wait are you confused?  Little series back story... Davis is a dead ringer for her bosses wife and her bosses wife uses it to her advantage.  Especially now that they are both pregnant.

At first they assume it's the whole ship.  But then they realize something more sinister is happening and they need to work together to help themselves and their loved ones.

The book basically covers 2 days but it seems like they would be at sea much longer than that with all the action that is packed in!

Even though this book is part of a series you could probably read it as a stand alone but I would recommend you start at the beginning of this awesome series! Don't miss out, this book comes out April 12th! There is also a giveaway going on through goodreads! Take the time between now and April 12th and read the other four.  I guarantee you will read them quickly and be entertained!

What funny books have you read recently? Do you read cozy mysteries?

Thanks to Larissa for sending me a copy for review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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