Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Stitch Fix #7!

Tuesday, I got my 7th fix.  I had  requested maxi skirts or dresses for summer time, along with tops/tanks that wouldn't keep me too hot.  It did not disappoint.  Out of my 5 items, 4 of them fit the description.  The 5th was a purse which was similar to a purse I had pinned in a different color.

I was also excited because in this fix I got some items were petite.  I debated when signing up for petite items when they started carrying petite because I tend to be in between and I don't always like how petite shirts look on me.  However, I got one petite top and one petite maxi dress and both did fit.  The top was iffy for me on length but it wasn't too short.

On to my box...

Remmi Ikat Print Maxi Skirt $58.00

(disregard my end of a sweaty day in a non air conditioned classroom and the shirt I randomly had on that day and my child's messy bedroom ha)

This hits me in a perfect length.  If I had different students this year it would be perfect to wear to work.  It's so soft!! I am 99 percent sure I will keep it.

Le Sample
Kahlo Embroidered Solid Tank $38.00

I am so disappointed with this tank.  I love it.  But it's huuuuuuuuuge.  I wanted it too because I love the colors and everything but it is waaaaaay tooo big.  It is going back.

Briar Printed Maxi Dress $68.00

This is the first maxi dress to fit me at a good length! And I don't immediately hate it at my waist! I am so undecided on this one.  I love it.  It's soft.  I really want a maxi dress.   I just need some encouragement.  I think this or the maxi skirt would be perfect for summer.  I'm always so hot and I'm always on the go.  What do you think? I'm about 95 percent sure I'm going to keep this one too.

Collective Concepts
May Chevron Print Knit Back Top $54.00

I was not feeling this shirt coming out of the box and I liked it better on but it's a no.  It came in a petite size and it's bordering around perfect and too short on the length for me to feel comfortable.  But it's kiss of death is the dry clean only tag and see through in the back.  So no. ha.

Urban Expressions
Marsha Bowler Satchel Bag $68.00

I am not a fan of the color or the overall structure of this bag.  I have been eyeing up some Urban Expression bags but in a turquoise color and not a bowling bag knockoff! It just is a no ha.  Plus, I just got a new purse for Mother's day so unless it was ammaaaaaaaaazing I have no need to keep another one right now.

I've been really pleased with my 7 fixes and with my now favorite stylist, Heather.  I love the novelty of getting clothes to my house and help styling them.  I suck at shopping.  I suck at makeup.  I suck at hair.  The more help, without leaving my house I can get? AWESOMEEEEEEEEE.

If you want to check out Stitch Fix, please use my referral link.  If you sign up and get a fix, I get a $25 credit for more clothes. ;)  You fill out a profile, pick a date, link up a pinterest board and wait for your box! There is a 20 dollar styling fee that gets taken off your box and if you buy all 5 items you get a discount.  And if you get obsessed like me, you can join buy/sell/trade groups on facebook and stalk new ideas. ;)

What items would you keep? What do you wear in the summer? Your favorite maxi dress?

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