Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Squat Challenge and Feb Recap

January I did the #mileaday challenge and it was a fabulous jump start into 2015.  Then I decided to try the squat challenge for February.  I started off strong and then the month totally fell apart on me. Sunday I thought about continuing on the challenge and finishing it at my slower pace and then Monday when I attempted my 150 squats I needed to accomplish I decided I'm just over squats.  As per usual, too much of one thing turns me off.  A month of squats got me bored.  So while I didn't finish, I can say my bum is a lot firmer!  I also plan on incorporating more squats into my workout.  Maybe at a more manageable number like 30 to 50 in a workout ha.  I know my body is capable but blargh.  I needed to be done with it.  Just like I was over the treadmill by the end of January, February ruined squats for me ha.

Speaking of the treadmill, I did not get on it as much as I did in January.  I did try out different work outs and I found some winners and losers.  It's definitely just easiest for me to hop on the treadmill at home.  I did however like the Leslie Sansone YouTube workout I found and another Butts & Thighs workout I found.  YouTube will be utilized again.

So my very low mileage number for February was 22.94.

The positive on that was that most of the times I got on the treadmill I did at least 2 miles. ;) 

February was a short month but it felt miles long.  I did manage to have an awesome home cooked Valentine's Day dinner with my husband (steak and lobster), met up for drinks with friends, and saw GARTH BROOKS in concert!!! THAT was THE best part of the month.  Amazing.  One of the best concerts I've ever attended!

Books read...
The All Girl Filling Station;s Last Reunion
The Long and Faraway Gone
Necessary Lies

I loved all of them! If you are going on spring break and need books for the beach, all of these would be great!

Not a good full body photo but it's one of my favorite sweaters from my Stitch Fix boxes and I have sunglasses on my head because there was sun!!!!!!

For March my fitness plan is to work on arms.  (Thank you 30 day fitness challenges).  I kinda made one my own and will keep alternating YouTube videos and treadmill workouts.  I didn't make it to a WERQ class this month so hopefully this month!

What was your favorite book you read in February? Best meal?

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