Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Shopping for books

The 6th installment of the book blog series wants us to describe how we shop for books.

Oh boy, how do I NOT shop for books? Eesh.  When I'm ordering from amazon I check out books to see if there's a cheapy I want to add to my order.  When I'm at the grocery store I look through the sale books to see if there's something I'm interested in.  When I'm on local facebook sale groups I check out books people have for sale.  I shop for books at garage sales, used book sales, my mom's book shelves etc.  When I take my child to Barnes & Noble I scour the shelves.

When I get free time I love to just browse and browse Barnes & Noble.  And not always just for me.  I loooove children's books.  I may have a slight book problem.  Basically, if there is a book for sale, I will find it and browse.  Oh and EVERY time I go to Target I stalk their shelves too.  See? Problem.  The good news is that I don't always buy.  I just browse, a lot.

My favorite places to buy them are the local library's used book sale, garage sales, amazon and target.  Barnes & Noble when I have a gift card.

How do you shop for books?

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