Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Teaser Tuesday - The Help

"But then a week after you lose your job, you get this little yellow envelope stuck in your screen door. Paper inside say NOTICE OF EVICTION. Ever landlord in Jackson be white and ever one got a white wife that's friends with somebody. You can start to panic some then. You still ain't got no job prosects. Everwhere you try, the door slams in your race. And now you ain't gt a place to live." ~ The Help pg. 188

Thanks to Tameka for this great book. I won this through a giveaway on her blog THIS winter and am just getting to read it now. ;)

I know a lot of you have read this book, which has kept me from suggesting it as a group read, but man would I love to discuss this one! I am on page 204 right now and am loving it!

For those of you who have read this, who was your favorite character? Did anyone else crave a Coca-Cola? Or envison themselves wearing cute little 60s era dresses? And then remember that their mouths would probably get them into a lot of trouble in the 1960s South!!??!!

I do have to say the 1960s is a decade that I would like to revist in a time machine bubble.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

My favorite character was probably Abilene. I just thought she was fabulous! It was such a great book. We read it for my book club last fall!

Amber said...

I LOVED this book! Whipped through it in 3 days!!

Omg, I totally craved a coca-cola, that is so funny!!!

Gracie said...

I haven't read this because I don't like reading in colloquial pronunciation. It makes me want to correct the book all over with red pen.

Anonymous said...

I've heard nothing but good things about this one. I need to get my hands on it :)

Tameka said...

I'm so glad you're loving it! I got it for my birthday in September and didn't read it until March! I was kicking myself for it too!

I love the entire story but Minnie is my favorite character. I wish I had half of her courage to just say whatever is on her mind. I *did* want to drink a Coca-Cola while I was reading too!