Guest Post Information

I started this blog because of my love of reading and sharing what I read with others. 

However, because of my love of reading, I have started to spend oodles of time on the Internet reading about other people and their reading.  Booo, bad book blogger.  And life tends to get in the way, of a good book now and then.  Therefore, I am accepting guest reviews for you to share with my readers!

How do you get your book review published? Follow these easy steps.

1.  Write up a review of the book you want to review in Word.  Include a brief summary, (don't forget to mention the name of the book and the author!) the genre of the book and what you thought of the book.  (throw in a pic of the book if you want!)
2. Email the review to manythoughtsofareader at gmail dot com
3. Include the name you want me to refer to you as and any social media you use that you want me to link to like your blog, twitter, facebook fan page, whateves.

When I receive your guest post I will respond within a week to let you know if your guest post will be used and when it will be posted! Thank you for sharing your love of the written word!